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Individual Coaching

Offering personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to help clients identify and overcome challenges, develop effective strategies, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Assisting clients in setting clear, specific, and meaningful goals, and providing guidance and support throughout their journey to help them achieve desired outcomes.

Stress Management

Providing techniques and strategies to help clients manage stress, build resilience, and find balance in their personal and professional lives.

Emotional Intelligence Development

Supporting clients in enhancing their emotional intelligence by improving self-awareness, managing emotions effectively, and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Helping clients identify and challenge self-limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, and guiding them in adopting more empowering beliefs and thought patterns.

Work-Life Integration

Assisting clients in creating harmony and balance between their work and personal lives, and developing strategies to prioritize self-care and overall well-being.

About Dr. Tino, Psy.D. - Your Cognitive Behavioral Coach

Dr. Tino, Psy.D. is a highly qualified and certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach (CBC) with a Doctorate in Psychology. With a passion for empowering individuals, Dr. Tino specializes in helping clients both English or Spanish speaking make personal and professional changes that lead to increased happiness and growth. By utilizing the principles and objectives of CBC, Dr. Tino assists clients in overcoming challenges, modifying thoughts and behaviors, and finding meaning and fulfillment in their lives. With expertise in cognitive techniques and a supportive approach, Dr. Tino guides clients through a 7-step model to achieve lasting positive change. Trust in Dr. Tino’s expertise and experience to unlock your potential and embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

- Chris C.
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"Dr. Tino's coaching has been a turning point in my life. His expertise and guidance empowered me to break through barriers, gain clarity, and achieve personal growth with my past relationships. His compassionate and insightful approach created a safe space for transformation. I highly recommend Dr. Tino to anyone seeking positive change and fulfillment."
- Tammy L.
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"I am truly grateful for Dr. Tino's coaching. His support and expertise helped me overcome obstacles, redefine my goals, and create a fulfilling life as a single parent. His genuine care and effective strategies have made a significant impact. I highly recommend Dr. Tino for anyone ready to make lasting positive changes."
- Jenny R.
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"Dr. Tino es un excepcional coach que me ayudó a desbloquear mi potencial. Su orientación perspicaz y sus herramientas prácticas me permitieron superar desafíos, cambiar mi forma de pensar y lograr el éxito en la universidad. Trabajar con Dr. Tino ha sido una experiencia transformadora y lo recomiendo encarecidamente sus servicios de coaching a cualquiera que busque crecimiento y realización personal".

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